A Few Tips in Creating Your Own Baby Food

Babies need all the nutritional food that they can get for their bodies and brains to develop rapidly. Feeding them nutritious food is also essential for strengthening their immune systems. Once your baby reaches six months of age, they are recommended to begin eating solid foods. Solid foods in baby terminology are soft foods. It has been common practice for parents to feed their babies with pots of baby food that they can easily find in their local grocery stores. However, you never know what preservatives are added into them. If you are conscious about this matter, then do know that you can actually create your own baby food for them.

Creating your own baby food is not really that hard. It is actually simpler than you thought, and what is great is that there are many varieties that you can make when you do it on your own. You just have to get your own blender and a small pot and obviously, your own ingredients. Once you get these, you can now begin to prepare your own baby food. In creating your own baby food, you have to keep them as natural as you can. Thus, you can start with fruits and vegetables. It is a bad idea to be adding some additives, sugar, or salt on what you are making them.

If you are going to be making your baby fruit-based baby food, you can start with one or a variety of fruits. You can start to mash strawberries or banana as their sweet treat. For an interesting combination, you can also combine the two together. You can also use apples as an option. Be sure to peel the apple, cut it into slices, and cook it until they become soft. You may blend it or use a fork to mash it.

For vegetable-based baby food, you can also come up with different varieties. You can cook carrots, butternut, potato, and sweet potato. With the use of your blender, you can blend the potato with either of the mentioned vegetables. As another option, you can also blend and serve one kind of vegetable only on its own.

You may try to put chicken into these meals. A good chicken part that you can use are chicken breasts. Just be sure to cook it thoroughly before blending it. For a smoother consistency, you can add a little milk or water so your little one will not have a hard time digesting it.

When preparing food for your little one on your own, it would be best if you go with a high-speed blender. In this way, you can easily blend your vegetable and fruits to a soft and smooth consistency.

By preparing the food of your baby yourself like using fruits and vegetables, you will not be guessing anymore what you are getting your child like you do with baby food in pots. As a parent, you exactly know what you are giving your child and what is in the food you give them. Basically, you are giving them a more natural and wholesome meal. If you have made a lot of baby food, you can use it for another day by storing them in ice cube trays or little food pots and then freezing them.


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