A Guide to Weaning Your Toddlers from Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding your children are undeniable. Aside from enhancing their overall health and boosting their immune system, the bond between the mother and the child is made much stronger. Though some mothers only stop breastfeeding their children once their children decide to do so, there are some who need to put an end to it for a lot of reasons. There are certain factors where some women may have to put breastfeeding to a stop when their toddler already reaches the age of two. If you are one of the latter breastfeeding mothers, here is a guide to effectively weaning your toddlers from your breast milk.

• Be consistent
If you have decided to put an end to your nursing sessions, you should begin dropping them during the daytime. However, you have to be consistent with each session. This ensures that complications such as breast engorgement and clogged milk ducts which are both painful can be avoided. This also helps your toddler to better transition from your breast milk to other food sources.

• Do it slowly but surely
It is recommended to not abruptly stop breastfeeding your child. You should, however, do it in a slow but sure manner to ensure that your body will be able to adjust to the milk production process. Abrupt weaning usually leads to major complications like mastitis where your clogged milk ducts are infected. Again, you have to stay committed with the weaning process once you have started it.

• Wear non-access clothes
Generally, toddlers will reach out for your breasts if they feel like feeding from or tasting it. This may be embarrassing on your part if they do this in public. To stop the embarrassment and successfully wean your toddler, you should go with non-access clothes. When you wear clothes that give your toddler easy access to your breast, the process of weaning your toddler might take a long time to finish. Thus, you have to begin wearing non-access clothes to make this happen.

• Involve your partner
It is time that you include your partner in the weaning process. They are especially helpful when you want your toddler to sleep better at night. Generally, toddlers are used to being nursed before sleeping. You may substitute breastfeeding them at night by offering them some warm tea and then have daddy take your toddler to sleep. Though your toddler may protest for a few days, they will get used to it eventually.

For majority of moms, weaning a toddler from breastfeeding can be a headache. This can be said when your toddler is used to drinking your breast milk for more than 600 days of their life. For smoother weaning of your toddler from your breast milk, make sure to remain consistent at the beginning of the process. Also, do it gradually and involve your partner. And lastly, be sure to start wearing non-access clothes that will not let them easily access your breasts. Aside from these tips, you also have to be patient with the process and remain loving and caring to your little one and not lose sight of their needs.


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