A Simple Guide in Raising Your Children to be Optimistic

It can be quite a battle to be optimistic in most days of your life most especially during these times that everywhere you look you see people fighting, suffering, or hurting other people. From fear-mongering by your local news, a road rage scenario while on your morning commute, to a hurtful comment on social media, all of these things and more are already being witnessed by your children. These are even the times that your children will look at how you react during these scenarios as their parents. It may seem too tempting to live with more negativity in your life, yet you should not easily fall into this path. As a parent, it is your job to make sure that you raise your children to be more optimistic. Teach them how they can look on the positive side of things. Remember that if your children become optimistic, they become more well-adjusted and happier with their lives. Below are some things that you can do to raise optimistic children.

  • Always think before speaking. Have you ever noticed how easily your children follow the negative comments that you make with just about anything that you encounter with? It is very much common among children to follow how adults talk and do their day-to-day grumblings. Your children should never hear these things from your negative comments to the driver in front of you to bad things you have to say about the colleague at work who has wronged you. These stories should just be reserved to be shared with your partner or your friends. If you decide to share them with your children, find a positive anecdote out of them. Always tell them something nice such as a success story from your workplace or doing something nice to your friend. When you do make the mistake of saying something negative, you can always turn it around and put a positive twist to it.
  • Teach them about kindness and gratitude. To help your children become more positive in life, make sure that you teach them the importance of being thoughtful and giving to family and friends and of appreciating what they have. Also encourage them and even be a good role model to them when it comes to helping out other people who are less fortunate. Grateful families make sure to talk about the things that keep them thankful and live their lives with gratitude and kindness.
  • Stop before you react. As a parent, it becomes all too challenging to not get into the picture and help your children when something unfortunate happens to them. However, it is better that you stop and think before you react. Observe how your child handles any difficult situation that comes their way. Do not be quick to be the one to give them solutions or a way out but instead, give them the opportunity to resolve the issues ahead of them. Not only will this empower them but also, this will give them some sense of optimism as they resolve these issues all on their own. As they do, they will now become more positive that whatever challenges may come their way, they can now find a good solution for them.


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