It Takes Time to Bond With Your Infant

The bond that babies and parents form is a process. A child becomes attached to their parents based on their being together everyday and their instincts. With this bond, a sense of belonging to each other is built between the parent and the infant.

There are times where infants easily bond with their parents. Unfortunately, there are times where the bond between infant and parent becomes difficult to accomplish. According to a 2014 research study about the bond of an infant with a parent, one in four infants does not easily bond with their parents. This is a situation either the parent or the infant do not want to be a part of.

It is not always that bonding happens immediately between the parent and the child. If you and your child have not formed a bond yet, do not lose hope! Bear in mind that bonding sometimes takes some time. A lot of factors come into play for the bond of the parent and the infant to form. Oftentimes, mothers who have given birth via C-section find it hard to establish a bond with their newborn. They are not able to easily embrace their newborns after they have given birth. This is usually the part where a psychological gap is made between them. Moreover, for newborns who are born premature, they have to stay longer in the intensive care units. This situation again delays the bonding with their parents as they are kept away from them longer.

Most of the time, compared with mothers, fathers will have a difficult time bonding with their newborns as they do not nurse their newborns unlike their partners. Furthermore, they do not usually have skin-to-skin contact with their babies. Owing to the fact that most fathers are breadwinners, they spend most of their time away from their babies. But this does not mean that the father cannot bond with their child, they can still do so. Some of the things that they can do to bond with their child include bathing their babies, comforting them, preparing their baby food, feeding them, changing their diapers, and many more.

Some things that you can do to easily form a bond with their newborns

The best way to form a bond with your bundle of joy is to spend as much time as you can with them. After birth, make sure to ask your health care professionals if your newborn can be roomed in with you. In case your newborn will be kept in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), visit your newborn as much as you can. You can get some permission if it will be fine to hold your baby, sing to them, and talk to them. A lot of new mothers use baby carriers or slings to have their babies close to them. These are better options than using a stroller for your baby. Babies love being close to their parents. They feel more secure and warmer. Now as your baby grows, you can then go walking or grocery shopping with them. This will not just help your baby appreciate better and explore the world but also help the both of you bond better.

Practical Baby Stuff You Need to Prepare Before Your Newborn Arrives

It can be very hard to determine what baby stuff you need to prepare when you are expecting. Shopping for some baby equipment and products can be very difficult because of the many attractive baby stuff that you see that will lead you to buy just about everything for your baby if possible. But then, out of the many baby stuff that you see being sold in the market, you realize that most are just pure indulgence and are not really pure necessity. Thus, before you waste your money on the impractical stuff, you have to know what are the practical baby stuff that you must prepare before your baby comes into the picture. If you have no idea what these practical baby essentials are, here are some of them.

Nursery: During the first few months that your baby arrives, usually, you will have your baby close to you; so, it is best that you purchase a crib or cradle as their first bed. Once your baby grows, you then prepare a quality cot for their growing body and have them positioned inside your nursery. Do not forget to buy quality mattress for your cot as it does not come with them mostly. Get a supportive mattress to ensure that your baby can sleep better and is very much comfortable with it. Include a changing unit in your nursery as well so that you will not have a hard time changing their diapers and you can just stay in one place.

Sleep and safety: In terms of the safety of your baby, you have to be sure to purchase your own baby monitor. If your baby is asleep, this is the time that you can move around and do some stuff in your home but this does not mean that you have to keep your eyes off of them. By using your own baby monitor, you can still look after them even while you are not in the same room. Another safety baby essential that you must not forget is a thermometer to monitor the temperature of your child. For babies, having low fever can be telling enough that they are suffering from certain health conditions or infection. Also, do not forget to purchase your own room temperature for your nursery. This will ensure that the room of your child is just right and is not too cold or too warm.

Bathing: Buy a baby bath or invest some money on a bath support that you can easily fit into your big bath tub. This will ensure that you will not have a hard time bathing your babies as they tend to be very wriggly and slippery on their own.

Breastfeeding: Buy a manual pump that is very portable and discreet. It is even highly advised that you opt to choose a single or double pump that will allow effective and fast pumping. Be sure to get a sterilizer so that your feeding accessories such as feeding bottles and pumps are free from bacteria. You might also consider getting some cover-ups if you intend to bring your baby with you in public to give you better privacy while you are feeding your child.

Positive Habits to Instill in Your Children

Despite how much you want to be by your children’s side all days of their lives to take care of them, that is not the reality of life. And surely, you do not want your children to always be under your shadow. You can, instead, instill some positive habits in your children so that they can just take good care of themselves without your presence. You can start teaching them these habits during their early childhood years for them to maintain both a happy mind and a healthy body.

The earlier you instill in your children these positive habits, the earlier for them to benefit from the good things that they bring. By introducing these positive habits early on, you are promoting the development of their mental health and physical health. But as a parent, you must avoid teaching these positive habits by force but instead look for effective ways that you can incorporate these habits in their day-by-day lives. As your children will grow older, they will begin to understand the values that you have instilled in them while they were younger.

Here are some of the positive habits that you must instill in your children:

1. The importance of breakfast – Teach your children the importance of eating their breakfast by sitting with them during this particular meal time and serving them a wholesome breakfast to keep them energized in the activities that they will do for the day. An active body can only be attained by your child by serving them a healthy breakfast. Make sure to include some cereals, eggs, fresh fruits, and milk to their breakfast.

2. A fixed time for eating meals – You must establish a fixed time for all your meals of the day. This will ensure that all members of the family will be gathered together in one table at fixed times every single day including your children. This pattern will not only ensure that your children eat healthy meals but also ensure that your bond as a family is strengthened. Your child will value better the moments that you share with your family.

3. Cleanliness – For most children, poor oral hygiene is the most common bad habit. As early as possible, you have to teach your child how they can properly brush and floss their teeth and gums at least twice in one day. Also teach your children the importance of washing their hands before and after meals. During their initial years, you can make their bath time more fun by introducing some bath toys and playing some games while they are taking a bath.

4. A sleeping routine – Just like your meal times, your children’s sleep time must also be fixed. Your biological clock is a crucial cue for your system, most especially your children. It will ensure that they get enough sleep at night and enough time for their activities during the day.

5. Keeping oneself physically active – It is crucial that you allow your child to discover the gun of keeping themselves physically active. Try to introduce your children to extracurricular activities and sports such as dancing, gymnastics, and swimming. Your children can benefit from being physically active as they will have improved appetite and sound sleep that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Religion Should Unite People Not Divide

Religion is one of the most effective ways of bringing together people who are part of the same community with the same customs and traditions. Usually, people who are part of the same religion have the same feelings, sentiments, traditions, and customs. Religious leaders must make sure to lead their followers to the right path. No matter what religion a religious leader belongs to, he or she has the responsibility to encourage people to worship God the right way and follow His ways by promoting His love.

Who is God exactly? God has different names, but they all lead to the same being. God is the creator of the universe that each living creature exists in. He is very intelligent that no amount of modern technology can help Him create or destroy things. He is omnipresent and omniscient. He is part of the people who worship Him, the one you call devotees. If you are true devotee, then you must love God and not fight or love other people in His name. God’s ways may sometimes cannot be explained but they are there to lead the person to the right direction. As a sign of gratitude, devotees must bow down to this great being. If you worship God, you are bowing down to His divine qualities such as compassion, forbearance, justice, and love. This is why it is a must that you always include God in our life so that you can be filled with these divine qualities of His.

Though there is only one God, there are now a lot of names depending on the religion that are associated with his divine being. All of these religions, no matter how different, are still the same in the sense that their primary goal is to reach God. The love that one has for God is the same across religions. All religions are supposed to promote God’s love and never hatred towards other people with different religions. You see, no religion is greater than the rest or to be blamed for reasons that are just within the scope for humans.

For religion to unite people and not divide, each person must prove their love for God, their fear of sin, and their morality. If a person possesses each of these qualities, then there is no doubt that he or she is expected to be a true devotee. If you love God enough and love Him right, then you will fear committing any sin and will be just in terms of your deeds, words, and thoughts. For the love of God to be flourished, religions have been made to spread love and not hate. Again, God’s love knows no boundaries and are not controlled by a particular set of religious beliefs. It is better to mind your own religion and not blame the religion of other people. If each person can do this, then there is no doubt that the world would become a better place to live in. Steer clear from starting religious fights as this thing has always been the root cause of violence and evil in this world. Go back to the scriptures and really understand what God is trying to tell you.

The Many Health Benefits of Religion That You Need to Know

There have been a number of studies that show that religion has some beneficial effects on the health of the person. However, before knowing more about these benefits, there has to be some common understanding about the concept of religion. The term religion came from the word ‘relegare’ meaning to go through and read again. The term ‘re’ means again while the term ‘legere’ means read. But, both the ancient and the modern writers associated the word religion more to ‘religare’ meaning to unite or bind fast. By looking at the origins of the word religion, you can conclude that this term means binding yourself or meeting God, the ultimate creator.

A lot of healthcare professionals believe that health does not only encompass the physical aspect of the person but their spirit and mind as well. As mentioned above, there have been a number of studies that were done that prove that people who are more religious are less likely to be depressed, live longer lives, and recover better. With religion, the person believes that there is a divine being who is the provider of all things for people. This then implies that if a person is religious, then they tend to think that they will survive any challenge that comes their way such as getting healed when they are sick. Religion is beneficial to the mental health of the person by giving them a better sense of self. Experts suggest that if you are really a true believer of your faith, then the things that you have prayed for will most definitely come true. There is also a psychological benefit to religion in which their belief in a higher being has helped them fought through their disease conditions.

Aside from religion improving one’s physical and mental health, it also enhances the social well-being of the person. Religion has been shown to positively impact the relationships that people build with other people. It improves how a person lives his or her social life and allows him or her to better see the positive side of things. Research has shown that if a person eats with his or her friends, they will fell fuller and content. Being encouraged by friends also helps in letting a person suffering from depression feel better or even just a person with a disease condition get well faster. Physical contact with people dear to you such as hugging them also helps in your health being improved. Physical contact sends signal to the human brain allowing it to secrete serotonin that is a natural anti-depressant hormone provided by the body, better known as the happy hormone.

Another benefit to being part of a religious congregation is that your lifestyle will be improved and will lean more on becoming healthy such as being on a healthy diet and not using cigarettes or drinking some alcohol. If you become part of a religion and surround yourself with people who are devoted to such religion, you will begin and sustain a positive image of yourself and have a better sense of growth and purpose.

Knowing God and the Significance of Religion

Until this day, humans are always curious and want to know every truth behind the things that exist and the things that people believe in. One such example will be getting their facts straight about God. Until this day, there are different faiths and religions that provide different descriptions about God. And the question regarding which one you should believe always comes into the picture. It seems that there is just no exact amount of scientific knowledge and rational thinking that could change what image humans have about God.

If you want to know God, you start off by knowing other people logically. As you learn about each person that you come across in a logical manner, you end up confused with how each person is unpredictable and different from each other. If you treat them in the same way as you treat yourself, then you just fail in this regard because you are you and you are created different from the people that you get to interact. Every person is unique. Even so, studies have shown that these differences are just superficial. You see, as you interact with more and more people, you will realize that there is a common pattern between each of them that will then lead you to find something common in all people across the world. You come to realize that no matter what differences you might have with each other, there are still a lot of commonalities between each one of you.

You come to realize that like the bodies that every human being has, they are similar in a sense that they have the same body parts. And the same can be said with the thoughts that these people have. People have common beliefs and thoughts. This will lead you to believe that there has to be some commonalities in every aspect of the world. Each of them has sustained and created everything, connects everything, and is present in everything. This is the common force and the common energy that binds all creations together that is known as the common truth and this is “God”.

The search for God starts from the search for man. Though not all people are interested in learning about God, each of them has some reason to know something about other people and the things in the world that affect them. The quest for this kind of knowledge is also synonymous to the quest for the knowledge of God. This is why for some people, they consider God not only as a person but as a process. The moment you understand God, you get a better understanding of the world as well.

Religion is another process wherein the man can learn more about their soul or higher self as they spiritually evolve. Despite the fact that no two religions are alike, the spirit of each of them is the same. All religions instill to their followers the purpose to rise above their senses and look for the common truth that is found in all beings that are not perceptible to the human senses. This truth is what you call Spirit or God. Religion, thus, enhances the ability of the person to grow spiritually.

Let Your Religion Guide You to the Right Path

Religion said to have started at the time when man believed that nature possesses certain supernatural powers. Today, religion has evolved into something more and now, you can even see that there are just a lot of religions that you can choose from. With the emergence of new civilizations and ideas, new religions have also come to the picture. The emergence of different religions is said to be the same as the formation of new objectives and goals for specific sectors or industries. You can see that there are different religions because of the different perceptions that people begin to have with just the same God. The existence of new beliefs and faiths might have been brought about by the different environments and convenience that certain people get to live with.

Each religion believes in the same God that is called in different names. It is just like calling the same body of water with different names such as the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

Why are there different Gods?

No matter where you live, you know that every living creature looks at one sky, one earth, one fire, one water, and one air. According to the Sanskrit, these five elements are referred to as “panchaboothas”. Everything that exists on earth from trees, animals, to humans all appear and disappear on the same earth. In a nutshell, you can say that all of them start and end in just one place. This one place is the same with God.

Again, all human beings are made of the same structures. Each one has one body, two arms, two legs, and one head. The differences from each person will be with their size and color all varying from one location to another. All of these things are more or less the same as God.

All religions despite their differences have some things in common. All of them move to the same path in terms of helping and sharing with others. No matter what differences of routes they take, each of them will reach the same destination, more or less.

All religions teach of the ideas of coexistence, peace, love, tolerance, and fraternity. All leading to the path of happiness that must exist on the world that everyone lives in.

Religion must not be the one to blame when it comes to the evil doings being done by a particular group of people while a great majority of people are still striving to live happy and peaceful lives with other people. This is a very wrong interpretation of the ideologies and concepts brought about by the selfish minds of misguided leaders. This must not be the kind of people that lead any follower of any religion.

Always remember that all religions have a common purpose, and that is to make sure that all its followers are led to a harmonious and happy life. It does not matter if each religion has different names for God.

Thus, let your religion guide you to the right path and serve as a means of promoting happiness, integrity, and peace on all people living here on earth.

What You Need to Know About Your Existence and Purpose in Life

Today, as you reflect on your life, you come to the point of questioning what significance your existence so far has and what exact purpose your life has. Knowing about your existence and what your purpose in life leads to certain questions that you have no answers as of yet.

Starting the quest of your life’s purpose start with asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the exact purpose of your life?
  • Does your life have a purpose?
  • Do you intend for your life to have a purpose?
  • Can you imagine not existing at all?
  • Do you think that things happen to you that you just have nothing to do about?

If you look at the present, it seems that your life now gives you more questions than a few good answers. If a person says that they have the answer to their life’s purpose, it will just turn out wrong for them in another time, and this has been a common pattern with the generation of today. Even so, if there is some truth, then there is no doubt that there is some answer. The better question will be if people can really find the truth.

All things do not just happen as they do. One way to justify the existence of yourself might be the fact that the existence of each person took billions of years to take place. The universe is too big. It is too big that no one can easily comprehend something amazing to its endless and vast expanse. Such something is what you call life. But then, why does something exist like even the smallest atomic particle? Of course, this is because existence came to be out of nothing in particular at all. You have the big bang theory but it banged and then you have nothing in the end. If you are looking for a theory of existence, then here it is. This truth is something that is certain and that is not one person can give you a scientific explanation about existence. Until now, there are very strong arguments that claim that there are no scientific answers when it comes to the origins of existence. And yet again, this does not imply that people should stop trying to understand the truth of one’s existence.

The process of moving from existence of nothing to existence of something is just the first step of it all. What happens next is to move from being an inanimate matter to an animate being or simply, life. The odds for life to exist are very high so this step is just very much possible to take place. After life begins, you transform from a mere cell to a living being. The final step is even more crucial. You have to move from having a life to having an intelligent life.

With all of these complications in mind, you have to know that the best answer to your life’s purpose is actually just very simple and obvious as long as you’re logical. Discovering life’s purpose really all boils down to figuring out the truth in all of these inventions and their historical acceptance that is now called religion. Of course, there is no perfect evidence in finding the truth but at least start with the logical process of gathering evidence that may or may not be parallel with your beliefs in life and you will be surprised how much things make more sense now to you.

Figuring Out Your Purpose in Life

A lot of people go into therapy because they are struggling with finding some meaning in their lives. This situation is commonly referred to as existential angst. Such situation has led people asking the following questions:

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • Why am I living in this world?
  • What should I do now?

These questions are oftentimes asked by people who are undergoing various life transitions from lifestyle changes associated with their change in job status, health issues, loss, aging, and economics to their children moving on such as their children going off to college or their children starting kindergarten. Usually, there is a change in the direction of the life of a person that has led them to ask the question of what they should be doing with their lives now.

For a long time, the ultimate dream is to pursue a career, raise a family, and be financially independent. In the present times, this predictable and very comfortable pattern is no longer attainable. A lot of people these days go into thinking that they are not capable anymore of existing and persisting in these current times.

Different religions have provided people some ways to know what their purpose in life is. For the Buddhists, their purpose in life is to help people lessen their suffering. According to their beliefs, being happy is their purpose in life. For the Christians, they teach their people that their purpose in life is to love God and other people. For the Islam, they promote obedience to God’s will, submission, and peace. Judaism teaches its followers to focus on serving God, interactions between people, and life on earth and to prepare for the world to come. On the other hand, the postmodernism belief tells people that they exist to create interconnected structures for self-understanding and joy.

Another meaning of purpose is the reason for which something exists or the reason for which something is created or done.

With this particular meaning of purpose, you can say that life’s purpose is not about what one should do but how one should want to do what they must do. Life’s purpose is all about the quality of life you are living now. It encompasses all the tings that you do, how you approach your activities, how you treat yourself, and how you are with other people. Your purpose all depends on how you choose to live your life.

In order for you to discover your purpose in life, you need to take the time to do some reflecting. You begin by asking yourself about the things or people who are important to you. You then determine how and who you want to be as you face various facets of your life. Here are some things that you can do as you do some self-reflection.

  • Connect with yourself by being part of solitary retreats or silent meditations.
  • Reflect on your life right now, what you value in your life, and what qualities you appreciate in yourself and others. Be honest about them.
  • Think about the times where you felt the most energized, excited, authentic, and empowered. Determine what qualities you had during those times.
  • Write in a journal the qualities that you need and some ways that you can live your life with purpose.

Why You Should Choose Educational and Traditional Toys Over Electronic Toys for Your Kids

Until this day, there are still opposing views as regards what are the best toys to give to your children. With the recent advancements in the gaming industry, you can see that more and more electronic toys are being made available and very much accessible to more children all across the world. On the other hand, the more traditional and educational toys are still being mass-produced as well. Parents seem to have chosen one side over the other while there are some who chose to give both kinds of toys to their children. This article, however, focuses on why parents should choose the more educational and traditional toys over the electronic toys for their children. Traditional and educational toys have been shown to be more beneficial to the development and education of the child.

Of course, you cannot deny the fact that there are still ongoing research studies happening regarding what benefits each kind of toy brings. But you have to take things from a more personal perspective from people who have seen what great benefits their children have gotten with playing traditional toys. They are never the same with children playing some electronic toys. You see, the benefits of letting your child play with the more traditional toys are more apparent than those who let them play with electronic toys.

Now, if you are thinking of buying your child a certain toy as present that will benefit them in the long run, then you should go with traditional and educational toys. This does not mean that you are indifferent with the current toy trends in the society, you just want to give your children something that can be more beneficial to them. Any parent will surely want something that is best for their children. And this is something that you can expect from choosing traditional and educational toys over electronic toys. To get a better grasp on the benefits of letting your child play traditional toys, here are some things that you can expect from electronic toys.

  • Electronic toys are noisy (most of them, truth be told).
  • You have to let your child bash some buttons just so the electronic toy will function and react.
  • Your child will not have to twitch any never just so they can set the noise off or set a new light to their toy.

The above features that you can expect from electronic toys are just some of the things that have led most parents to go with the more traditional and educational type of toys for their children. Getting your child traditional toys lets them explore better on their imagination, most especially if your child is still a baby or a toddler. With traditional toys, you allow your child to get some peaceful time to contemplate on doing the obstacles that their traditional toys offer. For instance, getting them a wooden puzzle will let them spend some time figuring out how they can solve the puzzle. This helps them develop a certain set of skills that they will never get from playing with electronic toys. Be sure to think about these things the next time you get your kids some toys.