Blended Family 101: Finding the Perfect Vacation Destination

Generally, finding the perfect vacation destination can be quite time consuming and stressful. You have to take into consideration your vacation dates, vacation site reservations, flight and hotel accommodation, and more. You even come to the point of telling yourself that you also need to take vacation from your vacation! Now, choosing the ultimate vacation destination for the entire family can be one thing, and choosing one for your blended family is most certainly another thing.

Blended families are becoming common in this modern day and age. Dealing with the dissolution of a marriage can be quite traumatic, more so putting an end to the kind of family that you have come to know. However, it even becomes more difficult to be part of another family all because your parent has met another parent who also has kids in their previous marriage. Though blended families are always depicted in the movies and TV shows to be a mix of personalities here and there, just thinking about becoming a new nuclear family member becomes too overwhelming to bear.

Now, going back to vacation destinations, how do you pick the perfect place to go to as a blended family? Obviously, you have to carefully consider a lot of feelings. The mom and dad in the family might want to engage in something that is exciting, fun, and a bit romantic and though these elements are great in any vacation they may not sit well when you have children tagging along. Now, how about doing vacation traditions that the previous family unit was used to doing? These activities or vacations may be a good idea for the children who have attached themselves to them to give them a feeling of normalcy. But then, new siblings may not like the idea of spending time with one another and in the end may even have some resentment toward each and one.

With all of these reasons and more, for blended families, family counselors agree that the vacation planning must be done with the children around. Hear out what each child may want to get out of your vacation. Ask them relevant questions. Any activities you find cool? Do you like to try out some type of food? Allow your children to contribute to the vacation planning process so that they will feel that they are important members of the family. Just be sure, though, that they will be able to get some sense of accountability from this ownership. You want the children to eb comfortable with the process and all of the changes that are taking place around them but clearly, you do not want them to be the ones to be running the entire show.

Another key point to planning a trip together is to come up with new traditions. Each member of your blended family will most certainly remember some part of their life like it was before. Though getting a sense of stability with their old ways is essential, it is also important for them to be part of new traditions and memories with their new family. Again, let the children be involved in coming up with some ideas for the entire family. Perhaps having a silly selfie seafood Sunday can help break the tension in the air and let them realize that new does not always mean a bad thing.


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