Choosing Between a Nanny and a Babysitter

No matter how much you love your children, you still want to have some quiet adult time with your partner, your friends, or even on your own. No one is judging you or your partner. Every parent can relate. But what happens to your children if you have no family living near you that can look after them if you are planning to go out for some adult time, like dinner perhaps? For most parents, hiring a babysitter is the way to go. A babysitter is often a teenager living near you or someone whom your trusted friend knows who will come over and watch your children for a few hours while you are out. This babysitter that you hire will be put in charge of your children, make sure they eat their dinner, and even clean up the dishes after. They also take charge in putting your children to bed and arranging some time for some games to be played or stories to be told.

However, if you are going to go back to work and have children that you do not yet want to put into a daycare, what must you do? For this kind of situation, you should be hiring the services of a nanny. Yes, you read that right. A nanny performs tasks in taking care of children in the same way as babysitters. But then, most nannies do so much more for your children, your family, as well as yourself.

Usually, a babysitter will be paid a flat fee for the evening or by the hour and only after you will return home. For a nanny, on the other hand, their salary will be provided to them bi-weekly or each week for the work that they have done with your children. Nannies work an actual job in comparison to babysitters who only make some money on one night, usually, on a Saturday night.

A nanny will be dealing with tasks that involve taking care of the children, giving them baths, helping with homework, making them meals and cleaning them up afterwards, taking them to sports or lessons, playing games, and being them for them the entire duration of their shift. A nanny can either live with the family or live at her own place. Nonetheless, he or she will always have some time off during the week just like any other job.

A lot of people think that having a nanny is just exclusive for royalty or the celebrities. However, this is never always the case. You see, a lot of families have come to employ them in order for their lives to be made much easier. They give parents a feeling of security that their children are being well taken care of by the right people. Furthermore, they will not have to worry about the needs o their children being met because they will surely do. You see, aside from nannies getting proper early childhood development training, they also have a passion for children and working with them.

Clearly, hiring a babysitter on certain occasions to watch over your children can be a great idea. However, you should not confuse them with nannies. A nanny is someone who does a professional job and ensures to work hard to look after your children while you are away.


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