Deciding If Your Child Should Enter Preschool or Not

If you have small children, most likely you have been asked by random individuals or even you yourself if you should be sending your child to a preschool or not. Parents from across the globe always have different views about the matter even until now. For some parents, preschool is a perfect opportunity for their kids to learn some basic skills before sending them to kindergarten. On the other hand, for some parents, they feel that their kids are still too young to attend preschool. For them, their kids are better off taught at home with their mom, dad, and other family members.

Since not all families are the same and each family will have their own viewpoints about preschool, the decision to send your child to preschool is all a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless, before you make your decision final, it is important that you first know a few things about preschool and what it can do to your child that you may find interesting and beneficial for your children.

Children who belong to the preschool age are akin to little sponges. They easily take everything in, and they always ask questions about everything and anything that they see. If they are placed in a preschool environment, they are given plenty of opportunities to ask as many questions as they want. Putting them in preschool even allows them to learn social skills like knowing how to share, take turns, and collaborate. Preschool also allows their imaginations to be let loose through play-based learning.

Moreover, the set-up of a preschool class is more or less the same with that of a kindergarten class to allow the kids to feel what it is like to be in school before they will actually be in one. Your child will be exposed to numbers, shapes, and letters, enjoy richer vocabularies, and gain better skills in pre-reading. Being in preschool also allows them to get a better head start in math allowing them to develop stronger math skills. These skills can be very much beneficial to serve as foundation for their learning.

When put in a social situation, they are able to learn that raising their hands will allow them to share something. They are also encouraged to share with their classmates and be part of certain activities in the classroom like circle time. Also, they will be able to learn how to listen to others and ask them questions if need be. Mastering social skills is crucial to the growth and development of young children, most especially if it is started at a younger age according to experts.

Small children also get a better sense of independence when they are enrolled in preschool as they are allowed to try out new things to them up to the point that they will realize that they can just do some things on their own. They both learn to develop a strong behavior management system and learn how to problem solve at the same time. They learn how to be respectful to their belongings and to others. They learn how to get along with other people in a comfortable and loving environment.

All in all, a preschool is like a child care facility for your little ones to give them a head start for school while at the same time take care of them if you are not able to watch over them.


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