Effective Pointers in Improving Quality Time with Your Children Minus the Gadgets

There are lot of challenges in raising children. You often get caught in all the hustles and bustles of life that you tend to take your children for granted. Giving them quality time seems to be competing with your hectic schedule. With all the things going through in your head, you may not even hear what your children are saying to you anymore even if they are just right in front of you. Of course, you will soon realize what just happened only that it is just too late. The damage has already been done, and you will again let your guilt get the best of you. A lot of parents face these challenges in raising their children. Most fail to make some time and will not be able to find out about their children anymore with the things that they have been doing day in and day out. This gap between parents and children has even become more noticeable now that the digital age has taken a huge portion of every person’s life.

Believe it or not, people have become too reliant on technology that their day-to-day lives have been regularly consumed by them. Of course, technology is not all that bad. It has a lot of benefits to offer everyone, most especially when it comes to making their lives much easier. What becomes a problem, though, is the use of too much technology. You come to the point of using it too much that communicating face to face already becomes a luxury or a seldom chance. People have become so obsessed with knowing what other people outside of their homes are doing that they tend to forget learning what the person facing them is feeling such as their children. Technology has made parents keep tabs on other people they only see online and never about their children sitting right in front of them. If you are modern-day parent, obviously, you are familiar with this scenario. You may even be guilty of paying most of your attention to your gadgets and not your children anymore. You have to put an end to this. There are lot of disadvantages when you spend more time with technology than you do with your children.

To enhance quality time with your children, there are a few effective pointers that you can follow that will not involve any presence of technology that will be made mention in this short article. These are very easy pointers that will help you achieve your goal with your children.

• When the clock ticks at 7:00 pm and up until bedtime, be sure to switch off your phones. By turning your laptop, tablet, or smartphones off, you will no longer be tempted to watch videos captured by other people online or do other online stuff.

• Engage in interactive or silent reading. Have the entire family sit down together to read a book together or individually. This is helpful in two ways. First, it promotes regular readings and regular quality time with your children. And second, it helps to encourage imagination and expand the mind that will both lead to creativity.

• Make Wednesdays your board game day. You can consider making Wednesdays a time to play traditional board games with your children and family before bedtime. Not only is this fun but also it is very interactive and gives family members a competitive spark. This is also a way to communicate with each other in a more fun and effective way.


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