Explaining Bullying to Your Children

Bullying is becoming rampant and is becoming a cause for concern among a lot of children, schools, and most especially parents. As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your child or children about bullying. You can start by teaching them how to identify bullying behaviors. Basically, not all behaviors are considered the bullying kind. If another child bumps into your child in the school hallways accidentally, you do not immediately classify such an act as bullying. In the same way, if someone intentionally pushes your child, this behavior may still not be considered as bullying. To put bullying into better perspective, it is a pattern of behaviors. This pattern of behaviors exists to intimidate another person over a given duration of time. If this particular pattern is never around in the first place, then the behavior cannot easily be considered as bullying.

Now, what must you teach your children about bullying? How will you make it easier and better for them to understand about the bullying behaviors that certain kids throw upon to other kids? School violence is slowly becoming a norm in this modern-day society, unfortunately. You can easily see them on your television sets. Just by looking at these scenarios alone, they are reasons in itself why you can no longer tell your child that boys are just being boys. You have to treat bullying behavior as something serious and something that can easily affect your child and those around them. It is time to throw away your laissez-faire attitude and replace it with a leadership role. As a parent, you have to take a significant part in helping your children become good leaders. And being good leaders basically implies that they are no bullies. A good leader must know how to help others who cannot take care of and help themselves.

Moreover, it is important that you teach your child to never condemn the bully. The thing about bullying is that all those who are involved are victims. Obviously, the person being bullied is a victim. The witnesses of the bullying are also victims as they stand on the sidelines feeling helpless and hopeless when in fact they are neither. And whether you believe it or not, the bully himself/herself is also a victim of the situation. He or she is surely lashing out on someone for a reason. The bully is often a person who is in pain. Thus, the bully should never be condemned. Instead, you should teach your children better decision making and leadership skills. In this way, all children will know how to stand their ground firmly without using any form of violence, how to work together because with numbers there is strength, and where and how to go for help if necessary.

So, being the parent that you are, you have to not only learn but also lead and lay the way for your children and for a better world that they can live in. You have to be a role model to your children and teach them what they can do with bullying that involves no violence but more leadership and kindness.


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