Guidelines in Disciplining Your Child And the Arguments

What becomes of disciplining your child when they will also argue with you? Will disciplining them become a battlefield? Learn some ways in which you can discipline your child, most especially once they start arguing with you, by reading till the end.

Now, the problem with discipline is that there will be endless lines of arguments between the parent and the child. Arguing with children is akin to a spinning top. It spins and spins till the time comes that you give up, tip over, and just say yes when in fact you want to say no.

Children are notorious for pushing arguments senseless. As a parent, you need to be the rational one when they are not. If you will not, they will win. Why, so? Because most children will argue longer and louder than their parents. If you think that this is how your child always wins and gets what they want, then it is time that you take a stand and change it for the better.

Before knowing some guidelines in disciplining your child when arguments are involved, consider looking at your past first.

You were once a child, and remembering your past, did you also argue with your parents? If the answer is yes, did you win? Did they have much of an easier time giving up than going about arguing with you? Was your arguing able to get you what you wanted all along? Do you remember telling your parents the following things …?
1. It isn’t fair!
2. You always say “no!”
3. You make me do everything!

During those times, perhaps you felt angry, powerful, or guilty. Maybe you even lost respect for your parents. If you once felt these things, then you should know that your children might feel the same way. That is why you should put a stop in arguing with them. Put an end to manipulation. There are other ways in which you can resolve your differences and problems sans the arguments.

The first parenting guideline to keep in mind is to model character and respect. Your words, your voice, and your body language all have the power to teach your children. A lot of parents forget these, and end up committing the following mistakes. Make sure to avoid making these mistakes yourself.
1. Argue with a loud voice. Your child will argue the same way because you have used it in them.
2. Stand with a stiff body language, an angry face, and a pointing finger. What you do, your child will also follow them.
3. Name call, yell, and use hurtful words. Your child will repeat this same language as you have modeled it to them as a parent.

So, what should you do? Speak to your child firmly and kindly. Use a relaxed body language while speaking to them in a more civilized manner. Keep in mind that you are the parent, the model, and the teacher.

Another parenting guideline to keep in mind is to speak well and listen well.
1. As your child is speaking, look them into their eyes.
2. Give them your full attention.
3. To show interest, ask them questions.
4. Avoid interrupting them.
5. Remain on the subject.


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