Knowing God and the Significance of Religion

Until this day, humans are always curious and want to know every truth behind the things that exist and the things that people believe in. One such example will be getting their facts straight about God. Until this day, there are different faiths and religions that provide different descriptions about God. And the question regarding which one you should believe always comes into the picture. It seems that there is just no exact amount of scientific knowledge and rational thinking that could change what image humans have about God.

If you want to know God, you start off by knowing other people logically. As you learn about each person that you come across in a logical manner, you end up confused with how each person is unpredictable and different from each other. If you treat them in the same way as you treat yourself, then you just fail in this regard because you are you and you are created different from the people that you get to interact. Every person is unique. Even so, studies have shown that these differences are just superficial. You see, as you interact with more and more people, you will realize that there is a common pattern between each of them that will then lead you to find something common in all people across the world. You come to realize that no matter what differences you might have with each other, there are still a lot of commonalities between each one of you.

You come to realize that like the bodies that every human being has, they are similar in a sense that they have the same body parts. And the same can be said with the thoughts that these people have. People have common beliefs and thoughts. This will lead you to believe that there has to be some commonalities in every aspect of the world. Each of them has sustained and created everything, connects everything, and is present in everything. This is the common force and the common energy that binds all creations together that is known as the common truth and this is “God”.

The search for God starts from the search for man. Though not all people are interested in learning about God, each of them has some reason to know something about other people and the things in the world that affect them. The quest for this kind of knowledge is also synonymous to the quest for the knowledge of God. This is why for some people, they consider God not only as a person but as a process. The moment you understand God, you get a better understanding of the world as well.

Religion is another process wherein the man can learn more about their soul or higher self as they spiritually evolve. Despite the fact that no two religions are alike, the spirit of each of them is the same. All religions instill to their followers the purpose to rise above their senses and look for the common truth that is found in all beings that are not perceptible to the human senses. This truth is what you call Spirit or God. Religion, thus, enhances the ability of the person to grow spiritually.


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