Let Your Religion Guide You to the Right Path

Religion said to have started at the time when man believed that nature possesses certain supernatural powers. Today, religion has evolved into something more and now, you can even see that there are just a lot of religions that you can choose from. With the emergence of new civilizations and ideas, new religions have also come to the picture. The emergence of different religions is said to be the same as the formation of new objectives and goals for specific sectors or industries. You can see that there are different religions because of the different perceptions that people begin to have with just the same God. The existence of new beliefs and faiths might have been brought about by the different environments and convenience that certain people get to live with.

Each religion believes in the same God that is called in different names. It is just like calling the same body of water with different names such as the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean.

Why are there different Gods?

No matter where you live, you know that every living creature looks at one sky, one earth, one fire, one water, and one air. According to the Sanskrit, these five elements are referred to as “panchaboothas”. Everything that exists on earth from trees, animals, to humans all appear and disappear on the same earth. In a nutshell, you can say that all of them start and end in just one place. This one place is the same with God.

Again, all human beings are made of the same structures. Each one has one body, two arms, two legs, and one head. The differences from each person will be with their size and color all varying from one location to another. All of these things are more or less the same as God.

All religions despite their differences have some things in common. All of them move to the same path in terms of helping and sharing with others. No matter what differences of routes they take, each of them will reach the same destination, more or less.

All religions teach of the ideas of coexistence, peace, love, tolerance, and fraternity. All leading to the path of happiness that must exist on the world that everyone lives in.

Religion must not be the one to blame when it comes to the evil doings being done by a particular group of people while a great majority of people are still striving to live happy and peaceful lives with other people. This is a very wrong interpretation of the ideologies and concepts brought about by the selfish minds of misguided leaders. This must not be the kind of people that lead any follower of any religion.

Always remember that all religions have a common purpose, and that is to make sure that all its followers are led to a harmonious and happy life. It does not matter if each religion has different names for God.

Thus, let your religion guide you to the right path and serve as a means of promoting happiness, integrity, and peace on all people living here on earth.


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