Nurturing Your Child Through Proper Discipline

You should never let child discipline get the best of you as a parent. Being the parent that you are, you have the power to make child discipline easy. The key to effective child discipline is being consistent in everything that you do. No amount of disciplining you do will work if you fail to do it properly. Disciplining your child is like growing your own vegetable garden. You should consider a few crucial pointers. You should look after the soil and plant the right seeds. If you just stop there, you will never see any good results thereafter. You see, one you have planted the seeds, you must then water your garden regularly. If you will not give up, then you will reap your harvest. That is how you nurture and discipline your child more or less. If you fail to look after your children properly just like your plants, they will never grow. They will never be fruitful. You cannot expect to see good results if you fail to provide the right input. Again, plants grow if they are nurtured in the right way the same as your children. If you fail them, then you fail as a parent.

What follows are some of the more practical things that you can do to help nurture your child through proper discipline.

Begin by having family meetings once every week. This allows your child to have the time to share their problems with you. If your children will feel heard, then you will not be having problems disciplining them. During this meeting, make sure to let each child talk with whatever they want to talk about for about two to three minutes. Ensure to make the other children in the family listen. This is crucial.

Second, come up with a list of expectations for your children. In this way, they will already know what are the thing expected from them beforehand. Once your children know what are required from them, they have better chances of abiding to these rules. While listing down your expectations, make sure to include the positive and negative consequences for each of them. You can even pin this list on a notice board in your home for them to see on a daily basis.

Now, if something just does not work on them, erase it and find another one. Do not hesitate to admit if something is not working the way it should. Also, do not be afraid to tell your kids that you have no idea what to do about things that are unfamiliar to you. It is always a good idea to brainstorm with your children when you are tangled in a certain situation. This enhances your self-esteem as well as theirs. Parents are still human, and they do not always have all the answers. As a parent, you have to be willing to learn new things and say sorry when you make some mistakes just like your children.

Lastly, when creating a list of negative consequences, make them as suitable as possible with the crimes committed. If your child slams their bedroom door, have the door removed from their hinges for a few days until your child will realize how to respect property. Make sure to give your child a chance to lessen the consequence of their bad behavior. Besides, even criminals get some time off when they do something good. You have to show your children how the real world also works. So, sometimes, you could be lenient as necessary.


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