Practical Tips in Finding a Good Child Care Facility

In finding a good child care facility, you should not just consider the major issues surrounding your decision. You have to also pay attention to the more basic ones that will still have some major impact on your child and their growth and development. Here are some of them.

1. Is the staff caring and loving?
In terms of the major aspects of the child care facility, for sure, you have already looked into the professional qualification of each of their staff in terms of their training and education. Nonetheless, in taking care of many infants, you have to go beyond just looking at their qualifications.

When it comes to small kids, you have to provide them a caring and loving environment. In this way, they will be able to learn better and grow into more responsible and confident adults. The caregiver should provide warmth and be involved in the activities of the children. It is necessary for the caregiver to build a close interpersonal relationship with the children. That is why the recommended educator to child ratio is 1:4 for child care facilities catering to children form birth to 2 years of age.

The motivation of the facility is worth questioning if the staff is not interested and may seem aloof in making close interactions with the children. Obviously, you should never entrust your children to people who have little interest with their welfare.

2. How long with the staff or caregiver stay with your child?
A good child care facility is more than just having a complete set of learning and play equipment. Though the facility may be in operation for quite some time, the staff who will be interacting with your child is still what matters the most.

A sense of stability is necessary for children to feel loved and secured. Both feelings of stability and security are influenced by the people surrounding or interacting with them. When the child will go through different caregivers that they have grown attached to, they may develop feelings of abandonment.

Children are quick to develop close bonds with people they interact with on a daily basis. Furthermore, they feel more confident around people and environments they are familiar with. Constantly changing environments and people may lead them to feel insecure and have a hard time establishing close relationships with other people.

This basically means that you need to get some assurance from the caregiver directly working with your child that they will be around for longer, maybe a year or more. Moreover, you have to choose a child care facility where your child can be in for longer and need not be transferred across facilities.

3. Ask about details that may not seem relevant but still matter to you
Each person is unique in terms of their personal values and perceptions. Even if a caregiver is well-trained in taking care of small children, they may not hold values the same as yours.

In line with this, you should not hesitate to inquire about particular issues that concern you even if most people are not worried about them. As a parent, you should raise your concerns no matter what be it how much television you allow your child to watch or your preference on snack options.


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