Religion Should Unite People Not Divide

Religion is one of the most effective ways of bringing together people who are part of the same community with the same customs and traditions. Usually, people who are part of the same religion have the same feelings, sentiments, traditions, and customs. Religious leaders must make sure to lead their followers to the right path. No matter what religion a religious leader belongs to, he or she has the responsibility to encourage people to worship God the right way and follow His ways by promoting His love.

Who is God exactly? God has different names, but they all lead to the same being. God is the creator of the universe that each living creature exists in. He is very intelligent that no amount of modern technology can help Him create or destroy things. He is omnipresent and omniscient. He is part of the people who worship Him, the one you call devotees. If you are true devotee, then you must love God and not fight or love other people in His name. God’s ways may sometimes cannot be explained but they are there to lead the person to the right direction. As a sign of gratitude, devotees must bow down to this great being. If you worship God, you are bowing down to His divine qualities such as compassion, forbearance, justice, and love. This is why it is a must that you always include God in our life so that you can be filled with these divine qualities of His.

Though there is only one God, there are now a lot of names depending on the religion that are associated with his divine being. All of these religions, no matter how different, are still the same in the sense that their primary goal is to reach God. The love that one has for God is the same across religions. All religions are supposed to promote God’s love and never hatred towards other people with different religions. You see, no religion is greater than the rest or to be blamed for reasons that are just within the scope for humans.

For religion to unite people and not divide, each person must prove their love for God, their fear of sin, and their morality. If a person possesses each of these qualities, then there is no doubt that he or she is expected to be a true devotee. If you love God enough and love Him right, then you will fear committing any sin and will be just in terms of your deeds, words, and thoughts. For the love of God to be flourished, religions have been made to spread love and not hate. Again, God’s love knows no boundaries and are not controlled by a particular set of religious beliefs. It is better to mind your own religion and not blame the religion of other people. If each person can do this, then there is no doubt that the world would become a better place to live in. Steer clear from starting religious fights as this thing has always been the root cause of violence and evil in this world. Go back to the scriptures and really understand what God is trying to tell you.


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