Simple Steps to Making Your Own Baby Food

To contribute to the proper growth and development of the bodies and brains of your baby, you have to ensure to give them the nutrients and kind of food that they need. These nutritional foods are also necessary for the enhancement of their immune system. The moment your baby reaches the six months of age, you are often recommended by your pediatrician to start to feed them with solid foods. Solid foods for babies mean soft foods and not the hard ones. It has been common practice for parents to be getting their babies baby foods from their local stores. If you are guilty of this, do you know what ingredients they put in these food pots and how much preservatives are included in them? You don’t, right? For the safety and well-being of your baby, it is always recommended for parents to be the ones to prepare their own food.

Making your own baby food is not that challenging. It is quite simple, actually. And the best part is that you can prepare a variety of foods when you do it on your own. You just have to prepare the right ingredients, a small pot, and a blender. And then you can proceed. When making baby food on your own, you have to keep it as natural as you can. This means that their food should only include vegetables and fruits. Avoid adding any sugar, salt, and other additives.

Fruit-based baby food can be made one kind of fruit or a number of them. As a sweet treat, you may mash some strawberries or a banana. For an interesting flavor, you can mix these two together. You can also do the same with apples. Just be sure to peel them first, cut them into slices, and then cook them until they become soft. Proceed to either blend it or mash it using a fork.

You can also go with different vegetable choices if you are making baby food that is vegetable based. You can cook carrots, sweet potato, butternut, or potato. You may blend potato with any of the other vegetables mentioned using your blender. As an alternative, you can also blend each of these vegetables on its own and serve them.

Adding chicken in these meals can also be a good idea. You can use chicken breasts by cooking them first before blending them together. You can add a bit of milk or water while blending so you can make the consistency much smoother and easier for your baby to digest.

While you can use just about any blender to prepare your own baby food, it is highly recommended to go with a blender that comes with a high-speed feature. This ensures that all the vegetables and fruits that you will be blending in would result to a softer and smoother consistency. This then makes it easier for your little one to consume the food you have prepared for them. By preparing baby food on your own, you will have the complete knowledge about what you are feeding your child. And this is a natural and wholesome meal for them. When you have prepared too much baby food, you can always store them in ice cube trays or small food pots and have them frozen to be fed the next day.


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