Some Tips to Explore the Creativity in Your Child

Have your ever thought about ways in which you can make the life of your child more creative and fun? If you have, then this short article can give you some tips to explore the creativity in your child. Here are some of them.

1. Let your child color pictures
Start with buying a picture book and a set of crayons. You then tell your child how to color a page of the picture book by teaching them how to properly hold a crayon and then color even just one part of the picture. You then teach them that other parts of the picture can be colored by them using any color of crayon. Once your child learns how to use a crayon and explore the ways in which they can color the picture book, they then become busy doing this particular art activity. As they do, you can spend your time doing some chores at home while your child is busy coloring books.

2. Teach your child stamping and putting their fingerprints on paper
Stop the habit of pointing your finger at your child. Your child may end up following this particular habit of yours. It will be better if you sit next to your child, dip their fingers in pain, and let them take the time to stamp on the paper you have provided them as well. When the both of you have done this for quite some time and your child is confident to do it on their own, you can let them do the fingerprinting and stamping all by themselves so they will have more fun.

3. Give your child some clay to play with and demonstrate to her how to mold it
Spend more time cuddling with your child and then use some clay together to create a wide range of things such as airplanes, doll, saucers, cups, and many more. Your child as well as yourself will have a fun time molding your clay to the shapes that you want to form out of it. You can give her more ideas of what other objects she can make and look at how she takes it. Just be sure to help her out in case she has some questions about what you are asking her to mold out of her clay.

4. Create different things using paper and teach your child
Using a plain paper, create different things like a basket, boat, crane, goldfish, purse, and so on, and surely, your child cannot help but enjoy whatever these things you think about and make using paper. You can start teaching her with simple structures that can be formed out of paper. There is no doubt that your child will have a mighty fun time doing this activity with you.

5. Help your child make her own kite and have it flying high up in the air
Make the most out of your child’s time by helping them make their own kite. As the both of you become creative, your child will enjoy this time spent with you and easily pick up some cues from you. If the both of you are done making the kite, go outside of your lawn and assist your child with letting their kite fly up in the air.


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