The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Children

Just by looking at how your children play and get on with their daily activities, you will come to learn that they are much more active than most adults. It may seem extremely unlikely that they are also subject to the same injuries that most adults get. This may seem like it with lower back pain. But then, according to a recent study that looked into the prevalence of lower back pain among children, spinal pain was found to be the most common. In this short article, you will learn more about the common low back pain disorders among children and adolescents and what is the best solution for them.

As mentioned above, children and adolescents tend to be very much active. If you look at children, most especially those belonging in the juvenile age group, you will come to see that they are always in motion. If you let them be, they seem to never stop to sitting still, walking, or even standing. They are often seen running, jumping, hopping, and skipping. Their default setting seems to always be constant movement. Just by looking at them, you will see that they get some joy, happiness, and pleasure just with their vigorous physical movements.

With how exuberant children and adolescents are, it may seem hard to believe that they can be candidates to developing lower back pain. However, a study published in March 2017 by BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders has found that spinal back pain is very much common among both children and adolescents. The research monitored schoolchildren aging between 8 and 15 for three consecutive years. During this duration of time, 55% of the participants experienced at least one or more spine pain episodes. Even if most of the children only have short-lasting periods of such spinal pain, more than one out of every five children had three or more pain episodes during each year of the study. And 17% of all of these episodes lasted for over a month. This has made the researchers conclude that spinal pain is indeed a common problem among children during these ages.

It is basically worth noting, though, that most lower back pain episodes among children happen on an occasional basis and are just short-lived. However, a number of adolescents and juveniles are known to have chronic or reoccurring conditions of back pain. Sadly, children with lower back pain will grow up as adults with back pain. In the United States alone, chronic lower back musculoskeletal pain among adults is already a significant problem. These individuals often always required more healthcare and thus more healthcare monetary expenditures. They tend to suffer more disability that will create some burden on the part of the caregivers as well as the family. They may come to the point of not holding their employment thereby requiring payments in government disability coverage.

Everyone will benefit from minimizing or preventing more of the population from suffering from chronic lower back pain. One of the most effective solutions to putting an end to it will be through the provision of chiropractic care for children. Professional chiropractors are trained to treat and evaluate children with musculoskeletal pain. The care that children get from these professionals are safe, drug-free, nonsurgical, and cost-effective.


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