The Complete Guide to Picking the Perfect Name for Your Baby

Picking the perfect name for your baby is probably one of the most challenging and thought-provoking moments of your life as an expecting parent. Clearly, you have a lot of baby names to choose from. You can choose from the more traditional ones to the more creative and unique ones. If you are still in the process of deciding what name you should give your baby, here are a few tips in finding the perfect one for your little angel.

• Surname
When picking from a variety of baby name options, the first pointer to keep in mind is to find a baby name that will go well with your surname. For example, you should avoid choosing a name that rhymes or is too similar with your surname. Furthermore, be sure to pick a name that does not disrupt the flow of your surname.

• Liked by both
No matter what name you will be picking out for your baby, what matters most is that the both of you as parents liked it. It may be challenging at first to find a name that is liked by both; however, it helps to reach a common ground. One may need to compromise, yet this is far better than choosing a name that one parent despises.

• Initials
While looking at your many baby name options, be sure to consider as well what their first, middle, and surname will spell out. If you just realize this now, there may be some initials that unfortunately spell out a word that is undesirable. And most likely, once your child goes to school, they may be quick to pick this undesirable word out.

• Shortened version
Most names can be shortened easily. For example, the name Catherine can be shortened to the name Kate. If you find the shortened name not that appealing, it would be worth it to forget about the original name and go find another one.

• Popular names
There are particular names that are too popular, and a lot of parents tend to avoid them altogether. This is a good idea. Also, do not forget to avoid giving your baby names from popular celebrities or even their children. This is something that you should think about if you intend for their names to be more unique.

• Similar names
If you already have an existing child or children, make sure to find a new baby name that will go well with theirs. For example, you should avoid picking names that are similar sounding with one or two of your other children. Giving your children similar sounding names will make it hard for other people to remember who among your children is who. Furthermore, the names should sound fine when you will be calling them in a park, playground, or any similar place.

• Later in life
The name you give your baby should be one that becomes acceptable to them even when they grow old. There are a lot of baby name options that fit them just fine while they are still newborns. However, such names may sound silly as your child grows old. If the name does not sound too good for an adult, then you may reconsider and find another one.


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