The Issue of Depression Among Teenagers

Have you every tried looking at the X-ray result of any part of your body? It was amazing, right? Also, have your dentist ever showed you a film of your mouth and told you that you have a certain bicuspid that is causing you the pain that you are feeling? It was quite a relief, right? You see, today, modern-day people are very much fortunate that they now live in a world assisted by medical technology wherein all it takes are blood tests, MRIs, and CT scans to determine what might be wrong with your body. Even so, no matter how amazing these medical tools and equipment are, they still have limitations. Their ultimate limitation will be their only being able to determine the underlying cause about something on a physical level. In terms of one’s mind and soul, there are still no medical equipment that can accurately pinpoint healthcare professionals what mental problem their patient has. Even the psychiatrists who have spent years studying a wide range of mental disorders treat their patients based on their subjective symptoms as per oral communication. These healthcare professionals, unfortunately, only see what their mental patients want them to see and only within the scope of their medical training. This is the case with depression and its rampant existence among teenagers.

Depression has sadly become very common among teenagers. On a physical level, some may think at first that the teenager only suffers from nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances. However, there is more to their condition than their physical signs and symptoms. A lot of depressed teenagers turn to suicide as their last resort because of the many emotional issues that are eating them up such as prolonged grief and hopelessness. For most teenagers who suffer from depression and have plans of committing suicide, they blame their school for what they are planning to do. They just hate their school to their core. Dealing with mental disorders is never the same as dealing with physical disorders. There are a lot of factors that you have to take into account and you have only your methods of communicating with the depressed teenager that you can find a way to lead them away from the dark path of depression.

Teenagers suffering from depression should be considered a serious issue among schools and even at home. The problem of depression should be handled with utmost professional knowledge and skills. One of the best ways to keep people well informed of this particular mental condition and its effects among teenagers is to spread the word and keep people educated about the matter.

What is really most important with treating depression is that it all depends on the person and every applicable healthcare provider must be tapped on such as the psychologists and even the alternative healthcare providers. A more creative approach should also be undertaken when dealing with depression and other mental disorders. Depression and other mental conditions should not be taken as health issues that cannot be treated. They can and they should. Make the society be healthier not just in body but also in mind and soul. Mental issues must be discussed openly and its stigma must be erased whatever way possible.


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