The Many Benefits to Teaching Your Children Second Languages

There are a lot of reasons why children these days are easily exposed to second languages. For instance, you may be speaking a language besides English at your own home. Maybe you live in a bilingual country where you feel that your child can benefit more if they learn both official languages. Maybe you just take a particular interest in other languages that you want your children to also have the same love for them. No matter the reason, a lot of experts will have to agree that if children will learn different languages earlier in life, they will be getting a whole range of benefits that will last them a lifetime.

Learning of second languages is made much easier while children are still at a young age. As a matter of fact, learning a new language becomes much more difficult when a child becomes an adolescent. Early learning is thus the key for them to learn another language much better. And currently, there are a number of kindergartens and preschools that offer this kind of education to their learners.

Based on studies, bilingual children have more gray matter in their brains. This means that they score higher on performance tasks that require multitasking, creative problem solving, and focus. They also do better on tests that are standardized. It seems that learning a new language is an opportunity to enable the child to attain higher processing and learning skills that will then open more doors once the child grows older.

Moreover, bilingual children tend to start reading earlier and have a better grasp on grammar than those who only know one language. The use of more areas of the brain at an earlier age has been shown to let your child get the upper hand when they go to school. Aside from all of these benefits when your child goes to school, do you know that knowing a second language has also been shown to decrease the onset of dementia up to 4.5 years later on in the life of your child? Of course, more studies are needed to back up this claim. Nevertheless, there is no denying that using more of your brain will truly make your brain much stronger. Basically, when it comes to your brain, you better use it or you will most certainly lose it.

Later on, in the life of your child, their being bilingual will let them get more and better employment opportunities. If you reside in a country that has more than one official language, job opportunities are most definitely much better and more for those who are fluent in two or more languages than those who only know one. When traveling, it also helps if you will be learning the local language that is being used by the locals in your destination of choice. Furthermore, living in a household where the parents speak another language will make the child learn the second language much easier. Also, you allow your child to speak freely while being around their family.

If you may be wondering what other language you or your child should learn, experts say that Mandarin is the way to go since it is spoken by a great majority of people across the globe.


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