The Many Health Benefits of Religion That You Need to Know

There have been a number of studies that show that religion has some beneficial effects on the health of the person. However, before knowing more about these benefits, there has to be some common understanding about the concept of religion. The term religion came from the word ‘relegare’ meaning to go through and read again. The term ‘re’ means again while the term ‘legere’ means read. But, both the ancient and the modern writers associated the word religion more to ‘religare’ meaning to unite or bind fast. By looking at the origins of the word religion, you can conclude that this term means binding yourself or meeting God, the ultimate creator.

A lot of healthcare professionals believe that health does not only encompass the physical aspect of the person but their spirit and mind as well. As mentioned above, there have been a number of studies that were done that prove that people who are more religious are less likely to be depressed, live longer lives, and recover better. With religion, the person believes that there is a divine being who is the provider of all things for people. This then implies that if a person is religious, then they tend to think that they will survive any challenge that comes their way such as getting healed when they are sick. Religion is beneficial to the mental health of the person by giving them a better sense of self. Experts suggest that if you are really a true believer of your faith, then the things that you have prayed for will most definitely come true. There is also a psychological benefit to religion in which their belief in a higher being has helped them fought through their disease conditions.

Aside from religion improving one’s physical and mental health, it also enhances the social well-being of the person. Religion has been shown to positively impact the relationships that people build with other people. It improves how a person lives his or her social life and allows him or her to better see the positive side of things. Research has shown that if a person eats with his or her friends, they will fell fuller and content. Being encouraged by friends also helps in letting a person suffering from depression feel better or even just a person with a disease condition get well faster. Physical contact with people dear to you such as hugging them also helps in your health being improved. Physical contact sends signal to the human brain allowing it to secrete serotonin that is a natural anti-depressant hormone provided by the body, better known as the happy hormone.

Another benefit to being part of a religious congregation is that your lifestyle will be improved and will lean more on becoming healthy such as being on a healthy diet and not using cigarettes or drinking some alcohol. If you become part of a religion and surround yourself with people who are devoted to such religion, you will begin and sustain a positive image of yourself and have a better sense of growth and purpose.


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