The Responsible Parent’s Guide During Their Child’s Formative Years

The formative years basically begins at age 0 and ends until age 7. It is deemed as the formative years of your child’s development because it is during this time that their brain develops at a much faster rate. During the first 3 months of life, the brain growing at an enormous rate ensues. You may start to compare the size of the head to the size of a newborn during these times. At the end of the formative years, the brain size of the child is more or less half the size of their brain when they become an adult. The formative years is even made more crucial since it is the particular time of a child’s life that they will be more than capable of taking in a lot of information as a form of survival.

Based on a research study done by the JAMA neurology network, male brains are quicker in terms of growth in comparison to female brains. And the fastest growth may be associated more with movement. The most rapid changes are usually those that occur quickly after birth. Since the cerebellum is linked to movement more, it is the one that grows at the highest rate. In the first 90 days of life, it will double its size just like that. On the other hand, the hippocampus that is associated with memory grows the slowest. These studies are important as they explain a great deal about how the brains of babies develop. Furthermore, they also help to explain why there are some babies that have the capacity to climb trees even at 6 months of age. This is often a behavior this is present among tribal groups that reside in areas where there are a lot of predators lurking by.

The explanation of the formative years will have to be the reason why in the Western countries, education is being started at a very young age. For these countries, allowing children to get education at a younger age will make them better handle their lessons at school compared with those who are left at home using their own devices. The whole knowledge of these formative years also has some effect on various government of countries where early childhood learning is well supported. For these places, children can enter as early as the age of 4 in preschool. Of course, this is also if there have been day care centers that have been established to provide some learning to small children.

Once the child has gone beyond the formative years, that is beyond the age of seven, as a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure to open their brain channels more to allow them to continue learning. Children who are part of bi-lingual families are actually very much capable of easily switching from one language to another. Meanwhile, children who are just taught a second language in senior or primary school will have more difficulties focusing on the task at hand. The same thing applies when they take on Math and Science subjects.

During the formative years of your child, be sure to always introduce them to new concepts and have their minds structured with things that they can learn and do in the future. This is also the perfect time to engage them in pseudo suggestions so you can help them make better career choices in the future.


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