The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Blended Family Work

Moving in together with your partner is no doubt one of the most important and exciting chapters of your lives. However, if you have respective children from previous marriages, the process can be challenging. Moving in together is not as simple as it seems with blended families. You do not immediately become a happy family without issues along the way. But don’t panic! Below are some ways in which you can make your blended family work and be all happy under one roof.

1. Communication is vital
Despite the fact that the relationship that you have with your new partner is amazing, there are still a lot of things that you have to consider before moving in with them. Even if your children and/or theirs are getting along just fine with each other and with you both, you still have to communicate with each and one. While spending regular time with each other, make sure to still make some time to communicate with each other in terms of rules or any issues that could arise.

2. Consistency matters
Like any other family, the philosophies on raising children between both parents should be kept consistent. These include giving the children the best life possible such as communication, discipline, family time, traditions, chores, and more. Before both families must live under one roof, family meetings must always take place. Both your children and your stepchildren should have the same rules and consequences, number of chores, and other aspects of family life. The moment you move in together, it may take some time to get everything running smoothly.

3. Keep track of everyone
Take the time to talk with each of your children individually. When a child is mum about something, it does not necessarily mean that they have now come to accept their new life. A healthy and loving family relationship can only be established when there are daily conversations being done. This leads you back to the importance of communication, yet now, you are doing it on a more personal level. Let every child feel your love. Be in tune with their emotions and actions. Knowing how each child feels ensures avoidance of negative feelings. This also allows you to establish a stronger family bond.

4. Spend quality fun time together
One of the things that you have to remember about blending families together is that your relationship is no longer just between you and your new partner. You now have the lives of both your children in your hands. Have fun with each other to make way for new memories and traditions. When an entire family spends quality time together, bonds are strengthened. This does not mean though that you have to always eat out together or take family vacations. You can make quality family time work even with doing simple activities together like having a movie night, being together in one room playing games, eating together, or as simple as laughing and talking with each other.

5. Accept mistakes
As mentioned, blending families during the first few weeks or so is not easy. Some children may be distant and may be having difficulties coping even after you have communicated with them already. Nevertheless, you can ensure to build a healthy and happy family with adequate communication, preparation, and a lot of love. For sure, you can get through any obstacle as long as you have each other.


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