Top Reasons Why Your Babies Cry and What You Can Do About It

One of the most common fears and sources of frustration among new moms is a baby who is crying profusely and continuously. You finally brought a new miracle into this world by giving birth, yet it seems that the world you have brought them into is causing them pain. You now see everything in a new light. And then it finally hits you. Being a mom is most definitely an emotional roller coaster ride that you never saw coming.

But don’t worry, mom. It is a fact that all babies cry. According to studies, crying is their only way in which they can communicate their needs to others. As a new mom, it is vital that you understand your own baby. This means that you should know the reason why they cry and what it means. It is by knowing and understanding their crying patterns that you can provide them consolation with the discomfort that they may be going through.

Basically, babies cry for a number of reasons. Just like adults, they also have different sources of comfort for every situation. Hunger is one of the most common and basic reasons why babies cry. Knowing that they can only feed on breast milk for the first few months of their life, it is no wonder that they easily get hungry and want to suckle every after twenty minutes. But don’t feel bad about it. This is the reason why you have breasts to feed them. So, never deprive your baby of them if they are hungry. Once he or she becomes full, it will calm them down and sooth their bodies.

Discomfort is another reason why babies cry. Perhaps the baby is too cold or too hot. Generally, doctors recommend putting one more layer of clothing to your baby than you. This allows them to feel cozy enough and thus calm. Check if the clothes they have on are too tight. Keep in mind that your baby’s skin is not as tough as what you have. Thus, letting them wear tight clothing is just a big no-no. Be sure to regularly check if their diapers are soiled. Babies never have difficulties with excretion. They can immediately drop it if they have to pee or poo. They do not give a care in the world if you judge them. As a mother, though, you have to still check their diapers regularly. If they are soiled, be sure to clean your baby up. If you will be delaying changing your baby’s diapers, then you are increasing their chances of getting infection.

Some babies simply cry if they need a nap. Babies want to rest just like you, but sometimes, they may just not know how to fall asleep by themselves. That is why they cry because they want to be cuddled and held by you until they sleep. They have just come from a calm and warm environment that is your womb. That is why it is just natural for them to continue getting that secured and snuggled feeling inside. Thus, hold your baby against you, and let the rhythm of your heart sooth them to sleep.

Lastly, if your baby still continues to cry after doing all of the things above and their cries seem to now be more high-pitched, it may mean that something is really wrong with them. Make sure to immediately have them checked by your pediatrician before it becomes too late.


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