Top Tips to Keeping Your Kids Safe Come the Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, you have to make sure to find ways to keep your kids safe at all times whether it be inside of your home or outside. To help you out on this matter, here are some top tips to keep the safety of your children in mind.

• Trim your tree safely
According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas trees cause about 210 house fires yearly. You may go with a fireproof artificial tree; however, your children may miss out on selecting and trimming a fresh tree. To be sure that you keep your tree out of dangers and fires, go with the fresh tree in the lot. Make sure to keep it away from heating sources and keep them saturated with water at all times. Cut off any low branches that could poke the eyes of your kids. Also, if you must put the tree in a wide-based stand, you should secure the tree from tipping over.

• Decorate safely
In the early 1500s, Martin Luther started adding lit candles to the holiday tree. Until this time, sparkling lights always remain a staple in every holiday decor. However, you have to be cautious with burning candles. Make sure to teach your children not to touch the flame, place them away from surface edges, and remove any flammable paper and fabrics within the vicinity of the lit candles.

If you will be using string lights rather than burning candles, make sure to go with lights and cords that have been approved by the Underwriters Lab. Take the time to inspect each strand for loose connections and exposed or frayed wires before plugging them in. Also, for every extension cord, only attach up to three strings of these lights. Your home insurance will most likely include accident coverage. Nonetheless, you just have to make sure to keep your children away when you secure your lights and cords for them to not trip on them or pull them.

Aside from lights, you will no doubt be using other holiday decorations. If you have small children around, avoid using small decorations since they are choking hazards. In the same manner, you should avoid using marbles as decorations or any item that looks like candy. Avoid using ribbons or tinsels that could twist around the toes or fingers of your little ones. For creches and glass angels, place them on high shelves that will make be hard to reach for children.

• Bake safely
Animal crackers started in the late 1800s while decorative boxes started in 1902. If you are planning to make baking holiday treats and animal cookies your family activity during the holidays, here are five safety tips to keep in mind.
1. Always supervise your kids while cooking and baking.
2. Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. Choose one that is comfortable to hold and can handle flammable liquids, ordinary combustibles, and electrical fires.
3. Never let young children consume popcorn, mints, and nuts. They are choking hazards.
4. Keep baking extracts with alcohol content, alcoholic beverages, and alcohol away from your children’s reach.
5. Keep your children away from sharp cooking tools like knives.


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