What You Need to Know About Your Existence and Purpose in Life

Today, as you reflect on your life, you come to the point of questioning what significance your existence so far has and what exact purpose your life has. Knowing about your existence and what your purpose in life leads to certain questions that you have no answers as of yet.

Starting the quest of your life’s purpose start with asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the exact purpose of your life?
  • Does your life have a purpose?
  • Do you intend for your life to have a purpose?
  • Can you imagine not existing at all?
  • Do you think that things happen to you that you just have nothing to do about?

If you look at the present, it seems that your life now gives you more questions than a few good answers. If a person says that they have the answer to their life’s purpose, it will just turn out wrong for them in another time, and this has been a common pattern with the generation of today. Even so, if there is some truth, then there is no doubt that there is some answer. The better question will be if people can really find the truth.

All things do not just happen as they do. One way to justify the existence of yourself might be the fact that the existence of each person took billions of years to take place. The universe is too big. It is too big that no one can easily comprehend something amazing to its endless and vast expanse. Such something is what you call life. But then, why does something exist like even the smallest atomic particle? Of course, this is because existence came to be out of nothing in particular at all. You have the big bang theory but it banged and then you have nothing in the end. If you are looking for a theory of existence, then here it is. This truth is something that is certain and that is not one person can give you a scientific explanation about existence. Until now, there are very strong arguments that claim that there are no scientific answers when it comes to the origins of existence. And yet again, this does not imply that people should stop trying to understand the truth of one’s existence.

The process of moving from existence of nothing to existence of something is just the first step of it all. What happens next is to move from being an inanimate matter to an animate being or simply, life. The odds for life to exist are very high so this step is just very much possible to take place. After life begins, you transform from a mere cell to a living being. The final step is even more crucial. You have to move from having a life to having an intelligent life.

With all of these complications in mind, you have to know that the best answer to your life’s purpose is actually just very simple and obvious as long as you’re logical. Discovering life’s purpose really all boils down to figuring out the truth in all of these inventions and their historical acceptance that is now called religion. Of course, there is no perfect evidence in finding the truth but at least start with the logical process of gathering evidence that may or may not be parallel with your beliefs in life and you will be surprised how much things make more sense now to you.


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