Will Doing Household Chores Pose Any Danger to Pregnant Women?

If a woman is pregnant, they tend to do unusual things like doing stuff on whims and eating stuff they do not normally eat. However, when it comes to doing household work, expecting mothers are always provided certain instructions for them. As you know by now, there are some chores that will not be safe for moms-to-be. If you are expecting, you should follow such advice and stop them entirely. There are no safe limits to lifting weights and you should never try to do them while pregnant.

While you are pregnant, your back will be strained from carrying your baby inside of your womb. This is because the center of gravity of your body shifts. Now, if you lift some weight while carrying the baby or do groceries or move heavy furniture and gas cylinder, your back will be put under more strain. Some doctors recommend expecting mothers to not lift weights as it may trigger amniotic sac rupture, premature labor, and bleeding.

When there is a need for you to use certain chemicals like those used for cleaning products, always be sure to use some gloves. Ensure that your room is kept well-ventilated. If possible, avoid the use of chemicals altogether and go with more natural and safer cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. Harsh chemicals like bleach, mosquito spray, and cleaners lead to producing noxious fumes all around you. Avoid them as much as you can. While washing the dishes, make sure to wear gloves. Protect yourself from exposure to spores, hair, and dust if you must do some vacuuming. If you have cats, never clean the cat litter. Cat feces may contain toxoplasmosis that is a rare disease but is very much possible. Make sure to steer clear from people who are smoking. Never inhale second-hand smoke that contains more than 4000 harmful chemicals all in all.

Before consuming any vegetables, make sure to wash them thoroughly. Their soil may be contaminated with pet and wild animals as well with chemicals.

Avoid doing household chores that require you to do some balancing and climbing. Never reach out for stuff on your kitchen cupboard, shelf, or loft. Avoid climbing ladders and stools. You may be graceful but while pregnant, you may not be your usual graceful self and you may fall down. Have another family member or a maid be the one to clean your windows, ceiling fans, and mirrors. Leave concerns associated with your electrical fittings and bulbs to your electrician.

If you must sleep on the floor, have a family member pick up your mattress, bed linen, and quilt. Picking up stuff and bending down will affect your back. Scrubbing the floor and washing your clothes can have some effect on your back. To widen your center of gravity, squat instead of bend to do such stuff.

In addition, avoid standing up for too loin. If you must chop vegetables, pull up a chair and sit down close to a television or near your table. Take the time to do breaks and then complete your work afterwards. Go for dishes that only require a short preparation time or do not require you to stand a long time.

Lastly, divide household duties. To get some exercise while pregnant and while at home, go with the safer chores. Being pregnant is no reason to neglect the cleanliness of your home. But at least, you should get some help.


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