Your Many Options of Child Care

Until this day, there are some parents who are unaware of their many options of child care. This is especially true for first-time parents as well as those who have no idea what kind of child care they should be giving their children. What follows are your many options of child care if you need some extra help tending to your little ones.

1. In-home or nanny day care
This child care option is given by nannies and au pairs. If you go with this option, you have to only hire a nanny who comes from a reputable agency. Before hiring one, make sure to check if the nanny has received good reviews from their previous clients.
• Pros
– Your child is given undivided attention.
– The nanny can also deal with your household chores.
– You directly employ the nanny, and they follow whatever instructions you give them.
– No need to take and travel with your child daily to the day care center.
– Your child can stay home in a familiar environment decreasing their exposure to illness.
– Professional nannies are well-trained and highly-skilled in taking care of children.
• Cons
– Maybe more expensive than other child care options.
– You may arrange for backup in case the nanny of your child is not available.
– As the employer, you are expected to pay for the taxes and benefits of your nanny.
– Your child with have low chances of interacting with other children.

2. Community-based or private day care
If you are after highly-qualified personnel, then this is the best child care option for you. These centers are regulated by appropriate agencies and possess the necessary licensing to operate. The number of children, the maintenance of the facility, quality care, food, and learning systems are all strictly regulated.
• Pros
– Cheaper compared to in-home day care but additional facilities may require additional payments and fees that are altogether more expensive.
– Your child can interact more with other children.
– Follows a pre-arranged program of activities for the children.
– In case a care provider is not available, the facility will arrange for a substitute.
– Staff is focused on providing utmost care to the children.
• Cons
– Individual care is seldom given.
– Your child may have to travel to the center daily.
– He or she must adjust to the new environment in the first few days.
– Some centers may not accept children with special needs and temperaments.
– Your child has more chances of illness exposure from other children.

3. Family day care
For this child care option, your child will be cared for at home. It is highly advised to find a qualified caregiver to be looking after the overall well-being and safety of your child.
• Pros
– This option is the cheapest among the other child care options.
– Your child still interacts with other children but fewer.
– The caregiver is experienced.
– A home setting allows for your child to receive quality care.
• Cons
– Some caregivers may fall short in terms of qualifications.
– You maybe the one to arrange for a backup if the caregiver of your child is not available.

Having all of these child care options in mind and their respective pros and cons, there is no doubt that you will not be having that much of a difficult time deciding which option you should go for.


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